The Life Plan

Every human being needs a road map for inspiration and motivation.

The Life Plan

Every human being needs a road map for inspiration and motivation.

Life & wellness skills workshop for teams.

One of the most popular offerings in the Shannah Kennedy portfolio, The Life Plan offers the strategy to elevate our lives. Participants are introduced to the core life skills required for a satisfying, sustainable, successful life and career.

Designed for organisations or teams looking to enjoy greater clarity, control and satisfaction over the years ahead, this powerful 60-90 minute keynote equips attendees with the tools required for greater focus, efficiency and purpose in work and life. Designed as a culture piece for conferences, in-house PD, L&D training and offsites.


In addition to greater focus and improved organisation, Shannah shares a powerful framework for how to:

  • create a culture of clarity, confidence & drive
  • discover personal values – the home base for decision making in life
  • simplify life through ‘stripping the clutter’ – create space for growth
  • craft a clear vision and goals for the year ahead – direction fuels  motivation
  • learn the essential skills for life mastery – mindfulness, gratitude,  fulfilment


  • keynote: 60 or 90 minutes
  • digital keynote slides post-session
  • worksheets for participants

Acknowledging your individuality, planning ahead, and investing in self-care are the most rewarding ventures you can invest in through your journey of life.

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