Press, Praise
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Press, Praise
& Partners


“Shannah excels as a mentor. She operates with an exceptional combination of empathy and skill.”

Dean Russell CEO, Mrs Macs

“Commitment to long term planning and using Shannah’s toolkit, along with accountability to her each month, has ensured my potential has been met and I have sustained my success in both career and personal life.”

Doug Lee – Head of Sales, Division Director, Macquarie Group

“Shannah’s approach enabled me to build a solid framework to grow my business while retaining a core focus on the most important things to me – personally and professionally. Highly recommended for anyone embarking on a new initiative that requires thorough planning and genuine commitment.”

Scott Brownbill – Director, Brownbill Consulting

“Shannah – you helped me to GOLD!! Thank you so much.”

Alisa Camplin OAM – Olympian

“Empathetic. Inspiring. Motivating. Thoughtful and considered. To me, Shannah’s coaching comes with the value of her own ‘lived’ experience, that is: she practices what she shares, keeping it all grounded and realistic.”

John Moore

“The experience working with Shannah has been incredibly rewarding. Taking the time to identify my values and better understand the aspects of my life that were draining me has allowed me to move forward with a much clearer perspective and greater clarity around my personal and career goals.”

L Prescott – Director, PwC Australia

“From the outside, we had it all. But we felt empty and exhausted. Shannah changed that. She helped us both understand what was important. That it was ok to say no and take time for yourself. That your values should guide your decisions and not what others want. For putting yourself first, so you can drive your bus and own your journey. She was our life changer.”

Dominique Hind

“When I first came to Shannah, I operated like a robot that had no purpose in life, was running on empty and had nothing left to give. Shannah’s coaching was my lifeline. She held up the mirror, made me realise the necessity of change and understand that the way I led my life was a choice. She helped me choose change and guided me to a life built foremost on a deep understanding of myself.”

Peta Sitcheff

The strategies offered by Shannah have brought structure, clarity and control back into the world of her clients.

Shannah Kennedy

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