Meet Shannah

Australia's Premier Life Coach and Strategic Planner

“Shannah is approachable, open, knowledgeable, warm and solution focused.”

– Sue Carr, School Principal

Shannah Kennedy:
Empowering Life Mastery

With over 20 years of dedicated expertise, I’m Shannah Kennedy—known as an Australian powerhouse in strategic life coaching.

My mission? To equip individuals and groups with the tools to conquer their visions and goals through a powerfully simple yet strategic approach.

I thrive on mastering the basics, fine-tuning lives, and crafting bespoke 10-year life plans for clients hungry for tangible transformation.

Whether you’re a CEO, small business owner, navigating life stage transitions, at a crossroads, seeking clarity, or aspiring to unlock your potential, I’m here to guide you.

“Long term strategic planning specialist – Shannah gave me the road map for my life personally and professionally.”

– Renae Vercoe, CEO Money Mode


Empowering you with powerful tools to conquer goals. Obsessed with crafting plans, teaching life skills. Bridging the gap to your goals.


Passionate about basics, crafting plans for success. Obsessed with habits for growth, Plus I enjoy walking and yoga.


I work with people ready to kickstart their journey to clarity, purpose, and success. Let’s navigate life together, build essential skills, and make your dreams a reality, step by step.


Health, Family, Achievement

Drawing from my former years of experience working with elite athletes in sponsorship, I bring an invaluable understanding of high performance into my coaching methodology.

As the author of the global best seller ‘The Life Plan: Simple Strategies for a Meaningful Life’ and ‘Plan B: How to Navigate and Embrace Change’ my coaching transcends motivation – it’s about decluttering, gaining clarity and fostering purpose.

Shannah Kennedy Life Coach

“Shannah is my secret weapon!”

Lisa Harris, Founder & CEO, Finvest

I’ve battled chronic fatigue syndrome, shaping my coaching to prioritise wellbeing as a foundational pillar in every client journey.

My commitment is personal. As a proud mother, partner, and wellness enthusiast, I infuse these values into my coaching methodology.

My daily commitment to balance, growth, and pushing boundaries fuels my passion to ignite similar fires within my clients. I specialise in teaching the most powerful life and wellness skillsets, empowering you with tools that transcend coaching sessions and foster lasting transformation.

“Shannah was our life changer.”

Dom Hind, Co Founder, Reunion Agency

Shannah Kennedy's world

A realm of Clarity, Direction, and Purpose

Shannah Kennedy's world

A realm of Clarity, Direction, and Purpose

Whether you’re a small business owner seeking strategic guidance, at a crossroads seeking clarity, or aspiring to achieve your highest potential, my tailored approach creates space for life-altering transformations.

I’m all about offering new perspectives, empowering you to craft a fulfilling life and achieve the extraordinary.

Ready to master the basics, fine-tune your life, and craft your 10-year plan?

Let's embark on this transformative journey together.

Shannah's Bestselling Books

A Masterplan for success. Learn how to embrace the extraordinary life you deserve.

Discover what it is that you truly want in life and how to get it!

Plan B empowers you to accept change, heal, reset and move forward with clarity.

A book that offers a simple step-by-step approach to taking charge and living a more fulfilling life.


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