Wanting to do something and actually doing it can be two very different things. The distinction between people who never reach their goals and those who achieve one goal after another often comes down to the ability to self-motivate. Motivation is your internal drive to achieve, produce, develop, evolve and keep moving towards your goals.

Motivation is linked to your level of initiative in setting challenging goals for yourself, and your belief that you have the skills and abilities required to achieve these goals. You can boost your motivation in the following ways:

  1. Confidence
    This makes you resilient and driven, viewing difficult goals as challenging rather than impossible. You’re more likely to bounce back from setbacks and believe in your ability to succeed.
  2. Realistic optimism
    This is particularly important when things aren’t going as planned or unexpected setbacks arise. Don’t think ‘I knew I couldn’t do it,’ but ‘This one failure isn’t going to stop me.’
  3. Focus
    Setting clear, strong goals helps you stay focused, as does recognising your achievements.
  4. Support
    Surround yourself with people who remind you of your goals and encourage your progress, and are willing to celebrate your success – see my blog on ‘building your dream team’ for more. Seek out resources that will support you.

(Extract taken from The Life Plan, by Shannah Kennedy. Head over to bookdepository.com to order your copy or get in touch with Shannah here to find out about executive coaching options.)