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  • August 1, 2015

Desperate for change? How to take a pause in life and embrace family

Taking a “pause” in life was something Shannah Kennedy had heard of, but didn’t think was possible. Could you only do it when you were young and responsibility-free? After a long discussion, she and her husband Michael decided to press the button.

When we decided to take our pause, it was important that we had clarity on the purpose. I wanted to recharge my body and mind. I wanted to have the time to learn photography and capture the moments that would help me be mindful, present and enjoy the moment.

My husband, Michael, had been a chief executive for 10 years and was really in need of a break and recharge. Our 10 years of marriage had been incredible so far, with two booming careers, the birth of two children who were now in school, marathons run, house renovated and full commitment to being who we wanted to be. It was time to take a breath, to enjoy, to savour, to celebrate, to stop.